Product of the Month August - BYD Battery Box LV

low voltage stacking system

As our product of the month August we present the low voltage stacking system BYD Battery-Box LV. It is stackable, compact, wireless and readily available at short notice. The 48V system matches perfectly with new installations, and combining it with the SMA Sunny Island series is an ideal solution to retrofit existing PV plants.

BYD Battery-Box LV low voltage stacking system

  • wireless plug-in technology to connect the individual modules
  • small footprint (62 x 32 cm)
  • Protection class IP 55
  • 3,5 kWh, 7,0 kWh, 10,5 kWh und 14 kWh
  • up to 14 kWh per tower, up to 42 kWh possible with parallel connection
  • for single-phase and three-phase systems, suitable for in-house power usage and backup power. Comply with manufacturer's specifications!
  • 10 years warranty