Product of the month - SOMMER SPECIAL Solar heating packages

With our sophisticated solar space heating packages, you can tap into the power of the sun to efficiently provide both, domestic hot water and space heating support. Reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions by up to 30%!

The 5% discount is granted on all COMBI line, FRESH line and COMPACT line solar heating packages, based on the current price list, for orders until 30 September 2019 and delivery until 31 December 2019.

Solar Heating Packages from Wagner Solar

  • High solar yields thanks to perfectly meshed components
  • Powerful EURO flat collectors
  • Efficient buffer storage RATIO with fresh freshwater unit
  • RATIOfresh or combination storage in different sizes
  • Solar and system controller SUNGO for all control tasks in the system
  • Incl. solar circulation unit CIRCO and numerous accessories

Solarheiz-Pakete von Wagner Solar

  • Hohe Solarerträge durch aufeinander abgestimmte Komponenten
  • Leitungsstarke Flachkollektoren EURO
  • Effiziente Pufferspeicher RATIO mit Frischwasserstation RATIOfresh oder Kombispeicher in verschiedenen Größen
  • Solar- und Systemregler SUNGO für alle Regelaufgaben im System
  • Inklusive Solarkreisstation CIRCO und umfangreichem Zubehör